Frequently Asked Question’s

Where do you hold classes?

We are situated at corner of McLeod Rd and Great North Rd, Henderson, Auckland

Is car parking available?

Plenty of off street parking available, entrance is on McLeod Rd, Henderson, Auckland

My daughter is 4, what should they start learning at that age?

4 & 5 yrs Dance Basics This class includes basics from Tap, Ballet & Jazz, giving a taste of all three forms of dance.

Why mix the dance styles?

It gives young potential dancers the change to try different moves to all kinds of music. This gives the tutor the chance to evaluate where their major talent lies and the dancer gets a feel for a variety of dance styles and experiences the various changes of music used for each style.

Can we sell shoes our child has outgrown?

Yes, it is helpful if you place them in a plastic bag and price them. Social Club charges 10% commission on sales.

What is suitable class wear for DANCE BASICS class?

Dancers in Dance Basics class wear pink leotards with either an attached skirt or separate pink skirt. This also acts as a costume when the class is invited to perform together to entertain at functions. Studio leotard and shorts now available for all classes.

Is it a good idea to mix dance styles?

Lots of dancers find Ballet classes assist their technique for Jazz. Others find their Jazz classes help movement and flexibility for Tap classes. A child who likes to move, likes to dance.

What is the Social Club?

Parents or friends of studio meet a few times a year and organise fundraising ventures to help support functions within studio.

Do you teach boys?

Yes, our classes are mixed and most suitable for both boys and girls.

My daughter has just turned 3 is there a suitable class?

Twinkletoes is for 2 & 3 yr olds. This is a fun class teaching children movement and creativity to music. They can wear their own favourite ‘dance costume’

How often are the classes held?

Usually once a week per class during school terms

How many school terms per year?


Do you have exam wear available for sale?

Yes, leotards can be ordered and supplied, also tights, jazz shorts, hair ribbons are available through the studio.

Are there preloved shoes/exam-wear available?

Yes, we have a supply of preloved tap and jazz shoes and leotards available.

When are entries paid for exams?

In April/May

Should my child need to practise at home?

Yes, regular practise is essential for achieving progress.

When are exams?

Usually in August each year

Are exams compulsory?

No, however most dancers wish to achieve a higher level and they love to be awarded with a certificate to recognise that achievement.