Bev Birch School Of Dance – Dance Classes Auckland

Bev Birch School of Dance provides Dance Classes Auckland in different disciplines including tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary Dance Classes Auckland.


All our dance instructors are fully qualified in the latest teaching and dance techniques. Most classes are led by our principal, Bev Birch.
We are passionate about dancing and make sure our Dance Classes Auckland’ emphasis is on enjoying the music and movement.

Dance Styles

We offer a full range of traditional dance styles. Most are led by our principal, Bev Birch, and all instructors are fully qualified in the latest teaching and dance techniques. Lyrical and Contemporary Dance Classes Auckland now available.


Tap Dancing

From beginner to senior, we teach every level of Tap Dancing – this includes all ten Tap Dance examination grades. You’ll learn basic Tap steps progressing into full routines with the opportunity to perform with others and to enter the appropriate level Tap dance exams.

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Jazz Dancing

Jazz is great for developing dancing skills and self-confidence. Whatever your age or previous experience there will be a Jazz Dance class for you or your child to join and enjoy. Lyrical and Contemporary Dance Classes Auckland available too.

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Ballet Dancing

Ballet requires flexibility, discipline and technique – we’ll ensure you acquire them all and make it fun while you learn.

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Dance basics and dance beginners courses

These courses are designed to incorporate an element from all dance styles. Experiencing different dance styles will help you or your child gravitate towards your or their favourite one.

Twinkletoes, dance basics and pre-exam

Every child needs to start somewhere — Let’s start having fun with these young children catered classes. We’re passionate about your child enjoying their time!

Body conditioning or Limbering classes

Open limbering or body conditioning classes are available for those who wish to extend their ability and agility.
A dancer’s strength and flexibility is important to work on and enhance.
Excellent for all ages and levels, limbering lessons can be paid casually or by the term at a discounted rate.

Timetable & Costs

Please view our timetable page for weekly dance lessons.
Fees are calculated annually and split evenly into four equal amounts. All statutory holidays are observed. Please visit our FAQs for more information or contact us.